Discover your ideal itinerary!

Take our short, fun quiz and we will send you our suggestions to help make this a hugely successful holiday.

Your first thought in the morning, when you are on holiday, is:

I just want to turn over and go back to sleep
I can’t wait to get out there and explore
What’s for breakfast?
I must ask about the Kilmodan Stones
I wonder what birds or wildlife I’ll see today
Where will I go to paint?
Will I get my nails painted or have a facial – or both?
I can’t wait to get back to the noise of the city

Which would you rather do?

See a baby owl/sparrow hawk/jay/ greater spotted woodpecker/red squirrel
Explore the remains of an old still or the ruins of an abandoned village
Shop till you drop
Enjoy a relaxing session of hypnotherapy
Visit an art gallery
Go for a sail and then climb a Marilyn
Dine well in comfort
Curl up with a good book or DVD

How active do you like to be on holiday?

I don’t move if I can help it
I like to make the effort to get out and visit something of interest
I am happy to be active, or not, so long as it’s followed by a good meal
I like to indulge in walking, cycling, hill walking, sailing, horse riding
I  am happy to walk between bus stops
I don’t mind activity so long as I can enjoy a bit of pampering at the end
As active as it takes to be to be creative
I will be as active as it takes to enjoy the wildlife/birdlife in the area

The rain is pouring from the sky, the clouds cling to the hillsides.  Where would you prefer to be?

Curled up on the couch reading a good book with a glass of wine/hot chocolate
Watching the bird feeding station for rare visitors and/or the red squirrel or getting out there and enjoying nature in the raw
Viewing stained glass work
Having a good pub lunch
Visiting a local museum
In a shopping mall
Enjoying a Indian head massage or having my hair done

You have been extremely busy at work and want to rest and recharge your batteries.  What would your favourite relaxant be?

A five mile hike
A session of reflexology and/or a manicure
A glass of good wine
A snooze on the couch
Hit the town
Browsing through a publication on local history
Standing outside in nature and breathing in the sounds and smells
Browsing art work

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